Waterproof Activity Tracker – Top 5 Fitness Watch Under $150


For those of you who enjoy fitness, particularly in the water, a waterproof activity tracker could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Many people believe fitness trackers to be extremely expensive, when in reality, there are many trackers that can be purchased for under $150. So for our readers who like to swim, run and cycle, here’s a look at just five waterproof fitness watch bands:

Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker For Less Than $150 – The Top 5


Garmin VivoSmart HR

Garmin Vivosmart HR – First on our list we’ll take a look at the Garmin Vivosmart. Garmin fitness trackers are renowned for their electronic devices, and the Vivosmart is no exception. Coming in at around $145, the Vivosmart HR is ideal for people with a keen interest in watersports and physical activity. This band is sleek and comfortable to wear, there is a display which is constantly on, the device allows you to control music via a smart device, alerts you of incoming smartphone notifications (sms, calls, emails and more), and plenty more.

For health and fitness purposes, the tracker displays calories, steps taken, floors climbed, distance covered, heart rate and quality of zeds. For those who enjoy getting in the water, the device is also water resistant for up to 50 metres.If you want a GPS in your Vivosmart, check out the review of the Garmin Vivosmart HR+, the latest upgrade to the popular Vivosmart.


Garmin Swim

Garmin Swim – With a name like Swim, as you might expect, this waterproof activity tracker is especially beneficial for those who like to get their heads wet, and focus on training and swim technique. The device resembles a watch, it records lengths swam, distance covered, pace stroke counts, and more besides. It is resistant up to 50 metres, it has a twelve-month battery life, and it even wirelessly uploads to Garmin connect via ANT. At around $133, this fitness watch is a swimmer’s best friend, and you can also wear it as a sports watch to read time and more. A true fitness tracker for swimming.


Mio Alpha 2

Mio Alpha 2 – Up next we have the Mio Alpha 2. The Mio Alpha 2 not only tracks activity, it is also a heart rate monitor which will give you a nice visual display of the heart-rate zone you are training at. Plus, if your performance drop off, it will alert you to raise your effort for an effective workout . It can store up to 25 hours of data, it logs steps, distance, and calories, it is water resistant up to 30 metres, it syncs wirelessly to smart devices via Bluetooth, and at $79, it is one of the best value for money waterproof fitness band that you could ever wish for.


Polar Ft7

Polar FT7 – Finally, last on our list we have the FT7 from Polar. This fitness tracker is the cheapest of the bunch, coming in at just $69.99 but don’t let the cheap price fool you, as it is one of the most efficient fitness trackers currently on the market. The Polar FT7 comes in a number of different colours, it features a sleek and attractive design that is somewhere between a watch and a fitness band.

As well, It has a heart rate chest strap for measuring heart rates, it provides a detailed breakdown of how many calories you have burned, and it even has a feature to let you know whether or not your training is burning fat, or improving your fitness levels. The tracker is water resistant and works incredibly well in the water for up to 30 metres in total, so swimming, surfing, and other similar sports, will all benefit from this device.


Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin vívoactive Black
List Price:$249.99
You Save:$85.02
Price Disclaimer

Garmin Vivoactive – The Garmin Vivoactive is a waterproof fitness watch that is ideal for somebody looking for a relatively basic, straight-to-the-point, fitness tracker without all of the fancy thrills associated with other devices. The watch features a built-in GPS tracking device, it has the feel and the appearance of a smart watch, and it is perfect for dedicated fitness lovers that are perhaps not quite as into technology as they are fitness.

Ok, it doesn’t look too attractive as it looks like a geek’s watch from the early 90’s, but with that said, it functions very well. The screen is an LCD panel which is 204 x 148 which is also a colour screen. The device is always on provided the battery is charged, and it is compatible with both Android, and IOS devices. You can track running, walking, cycling, golfing, and of course, swimming workouts, making this device ideal. You can track times, calories burnt, heart rate, and much more. Plus the Vivoactive offers incoming messaging alerts from your smartphone. You can also download the Garmin mobile app and really get the most out of this great waterproof activity tracker watch.

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