3 Waterproof Fitness Trackers Under 70 Bucks

Jun 14, 2016 | 0 comments

For swimmers who do not want to splurge too much money on a waterproof fitness tracker we have chosen three fitness devices that are less than 70 bucks!  Not only are these wearable trackers affordable, it should be on your must buy list as these trackers can measure other general activities from steps walked, calories to sleep monitoring. But do note as these waterproof fitness trackers are between $60 to $70, it cannot track your heart rate.

For hardcore swimmers who wants heart rate monitoring and more data, please check out the top rate swimming devices here.

But for casual swimmers or non competitive swimming enthusiasts, these 3 devices are a great entry level for monitoring your swim and other activities.

Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker Under $70!

Moov Now

With a waterproof rating of 50m, Moov Now is not a normal fitness tracker. Whilst it offers monitoring, it provides an in-built coaching performance, which measure and offer analysis on improving the one’s swimming performance. The current version of Moov app has an exclusive  swimming function that needs to be activated before you a start of a swim. Once a swim session is over, Moov Now provides the metrics on the type of stroke, the speed, swim time, distance covered and the efficiency of the swim, plus it will record the number laps done and measures an average score of your pool stamina. Note that Moov Now does not have a heart rate monitor.


Polar Loop

A small player but offers plenty of great performance features.  For swimmers, Polar Loop is waterproof and can be used underwater to roughly a maximum of 20 meters deep.  Now that is quite deep.  This is a tracker that will guide you on how to move more to reach your daily fitness goals.  In other words, it can indicate to you to walk 1 hour or swim for 30 minutes to achieve your set goal.

Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine is a waterproof fitness tracker with a 5 ATM rating (50m) and is designed to be strapped round the wrist or clipped to the swim gear or to the shoes. Although it does not have a heart rate monitor, it has special swim monitoring features from recording the number of laps swum, how many lengths performed, your swimming distance, calories and can recognise your stroke type .  This is a waterproof fitness tracker that can monitor from swim, run to sleep and for swimmer and the budget conscious, it is worth considering.

Last words –  for swimmers who just want a waterproof fitness tracker to monitor their swim and other general activities then the three wearable gadgets are worth considering. Not only will it cost you less than $100, you will have a handy waterproof fitness tracker that will keep you motivated and improve your fitness level.

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