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About This Waterproof Fitness Tracker Website

Fitness bands are the rage and best of all, can help you to shape up and/or help you improve your performance. Whether you are looking to lose weight or perform at a higher level, fitness trackers have many benefits.

My name is Jason, and I enjoy swimming as a sport to shape up. 10 plus years ago I suffered terrible back spasms which resulted in a lumbar micro surgery – that was a really low period of my life. I was active and I kept reasonably in shape. After the surgery I needed to get back in action, it required me to recuperate and gain strength in my back. Hence I got into swimming as it is the best exercise for the back.

And as I got more into swimming over the eyars, I needed a waterproof fitness tracker to keep track of my performance and time. Although I had a fitness tracker, it was not necessary a fitness band for swimming. Hence this spurred me to look into best waterproof activity tracker for swimmers, and this website is a result of thorough investigation.

Look, my results may not please everyone. It is a personal choice on the kind of water resistant fitness tracker that will suit you best. So take it for what it is worth, and hopefully it will guide you to the most suitable fitness band.

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