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Are you a fitness buff who prefers to keep fit swimming instead of running or do you enjoy a bit of both? Or maybe you are someone who wants to wear a fitness tracker to eat, sleep, shower, work and workout with the entire day? Then you should consider a waterproof fitness tracker that can be used for swimming, running, and other multi-sport activities. Overall, a quality fitness tracker can be expected to be somewhat more sturdier than the average trendy smartwatch, with a great ability to handle the usual bumps, knocks, and sweat, during an intensive exercise.

Fact is, any type of fitness tracker that claims to be an ‘activity monitoring device’ has to be tolerant to splashes and moisture, since perspiration is often the result of any workout. And unfortunately, some fitness trackers are really not waterproof.

Also note, even if a fitness watch is water-resistant or splash-proof, this does not necessarily mean you should swim with it and give it a good test. If you want a fitness tracker for swimming, your fitness band needs to be completely 100% waterproof. That means it is both tightly sealed and can handle the environment of being underwater for periods of time.

For many individuals searching for a robust and reliable waterproof fitness tracker, an important factor to look out for is the waterproof rating. It is often hard to understand the ATM and IP standards – which is the mind-boggling number indicating how well protected the gadget is against water.

A majority of waterproof fitness trackers have ratings for a specific depth. If you are wanting to go diving, this can come in handy. These devices typically have a 5ATM rating, meaning they can be submerged to depths up to 50 meters. Some devices are rated at just 3ATM (or 30 meters).

Activity is measured by all fitness watches. However, many of them have other useful features that can be used both during exercise and after it is over. One increasingly popular feature is the built-in heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate, as well as being able to use GPS to track your position. And if you want something more, a couple of them are even able to provide you with notifications of text messages and caller id.


Let’s look at the top 11 waterproof fitness trackers below.

fitness tracker watch waterproof

All of our selections have a rating of at least 1 ATM (atmosphere unit), meaning they can withstand water pressures comparable to the depth of ten (10) meters. The atmosphere pressure unit ATM indicates how effective a certain device can withstand pressure to a specific depth.The ATM ratings of a device are based on the amount of pressure they are able to resist, not how deep you are able to dive down.

Some devices on the list will have activity tracking, heart rate sensor, smart notifications, and the lot … and other fitness trackers will simply track your activities.

The Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker Round Up

I hear ya – “Which waterproof fitness watch is most suitable?”, this is not a simple one to answer as everyone has different needs. Whilst there are not that many waterproof fitness trackers, and the ones that are, act more like a simple stop-watch, we have dug deep.  This is the reason why the ‘best of list’ will comprise of devices that will mostly suit budding swimmers looking for that ‘multi-purpose’ activity tracking with prices ranging from $60 to $426.  However, the list includes a small selection of dedicated fitness tracker for swimming.

Finally The Top 11 Waterproof Fitness Trackers Revealed

Check out the highly rated waterproof fitness trackers below.

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